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Wholesaler Ordering:

When browsing a wholesaler webpage, email over the part number and wholesaler you searched to receive a Sharpshooters Firearms quote. Allow for 24 hours to receive your quote. All custom Optics orders must be paid in full and can be shipped to you for a 5.00 flat fee. 


Choosing your Optic or Sight is almost as important as choosing your firearm. A good optic can mean the difference in hitting your mark and missing. Heat, Cold, Rain, Dust , along with other variables can all make a difference in the type of Optic or Sight you choose. Upgrading and adding Accessories  can increase your Optics accuracy and enhance sighting your Sight or Optic. 

A good Spotting Scope can assist in your weapons accuracy and greatly increase adjustments to your Optics or Sights settings.